Are You Eligible for a UNI Capital Management Small Business Loan?

Time in Business
1 Year Minimum
Monthly Revenue
$15000 or a postive balance of $1500 per day
$5000 to $1M
Credit Score
550+ FICO Score

UNI Capital Management minimum qualification are less than those of banks. We're focused on getting you approved so your business can thrive.

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More entrepreneurs starting their own business every year.

With the U.S. Small Business Administration  reporting that approximately $11 billion was approved across all small business loan programs for the entire year of 2012. And yet, small business loans are on the rise. That amount had already almost doubled—hitting $18.9 billion—by mid-2017.

With more entrepreneurs starting their own small businesses annually, and those already in business borrowing at higher rates to either sustain or grow their companies, it’s no wonder things are looking bright.

Even though these loans have amazing rates, small business owners have questions on their minds when it comes to borrowing money to cover their small business needs.

For instance:
  • What exactly is a small business loan?
  • When should you get one?
  • What benefits do small business loans offer?
  • How do you apply?
  • The list goes on and on.

Let’s dig a little deeper into all of these questions.

How Do I Benefit from a Small Business Loan?

They effectively help you run all aspects of your business, minimize any disruption during slow periods and giving you cash flow options if you’re ready to take your company to the next level.

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What Are the Costs Associated with a Small Business Loan?

Small business loan rates and costs can vary wildly. Make sure your lender knows which loans and rates best suite your business needs and ability to repay.

Why Choose UNI Capital Management?

Are you dreaming about your business growing at such a rate, you’ll have new and exciting challenges to tackle because of the rapid growth? Or is an amazing opportunity staring you in the face right now, but you don’t have the cash on hand to capitalize on it?

Uni Capital Management can help you obtain the funding you need to make anything happen.

Our loans for small businesses are designed to:

  • Help you start your business.
  • Tackle the inevitable growth challenges you face while building your business.
  • Simply help you get through the slow times, like when your industry has a natural lull.

At UNI Capital Management, our goal is simple – to provide you with an easy and fast path to business financing. Every business is different and has unique needs. We listen carefully to YOUR story before we find the best lending option for you. We understand your time is valuable, and we also understand that speed in business is crucial, which is why we developed a streamlined application process with limited paperwork, quick approval, and fast funding.

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