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More Merchants Choose UNI Capital Management for Their Retail Financing Needs

Owning a store is a big responsibility. You might have employees that rely on you and a community that sees you as an integral part of the lives. But running your business smoothly is not always as easy.Maybe you’ve applied for a small business loan and been turned down, or you can’t afford to wait the weeks and weeks on a bank loan.Opportunity rewards those that take quick action! A merchant cash advance or small business loan from UNI Capital Management offers a better way:

Fast and Simple

Most of our retail clients receive a pre-qualification from us within 24 hours of submitting the online application, and often receive the money in their business bank account within 7 days. You can have your shelves stocked sooner than it takes a bank representative to go over your initial application! The process for obtaining a traditional small business loan for your retail business from a bank could take several months. Learn how our small business loans or merchant cash advance application process works!

Minimum Documentation and No Collateral Required

We are not a bank, so we don’t require a mountain of documentation from merchants to provide retail financing.  You don’t have to fill out 20+ documents and provide tax returns, financial statements, or physical collateral in order to obtain a business cash advance. We have a simple one-page application for retail business owners and we only ask for 4 months of credit card processing statements and 3 months of bank statements.

Bad Personal Credit? Not a Problem

We take many factors into consideration through our proprietary loan application process, and we have funded many retail merchants who have credit scores 550 and above. Business loans from banks often require retail owners to have a higher minimum FICO or credit score. Read how you can qualify for our business cash advance.

Pay Back With The Amount Your Retail Store Sells

A merchant cash advance isn’t a traditional loan. The advance is paid back as a percentage of your daily retail credit card sales. When store sales pick up, you pay back more and when business slows, you pay back less. Simple, flexible, and eliminates the stress of paying back a loan. Learn more about our business cash advances and small business loan.

What UNI Capital Management Can Do for Your Store

Keeping your shelves stocked isn’t always easy, whether it’s for seasonal or financial reasons.

One problem with a traditional bank loan is its inflexibility. When applying for a bank loan you may have to outline exactly how you intend to spend it, and banks’ strict payment deadlines requires you to pay a fixed amount, even when things might be slow for you.

We don’t have the same restrictions when we provide retail financing. Here are just a few things you can use one of UNI Capital Management’s small business loan alternatives for:

  • Offering new products
  • Restocking your inventory
  • POS, inventory management, or other equipment
  • Insurance
  • Salaries
  • Expanding your advertising
  • Buying out a partner
  • Taxes
  • Repairs, renovations, and expansion
  • Opening a new location
  • Any other needs

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